Bond Information

Bail sign.Any inmate who has a bond set either by the Judge or by a bond schedule will be eligible to bond out of jail.  An inmate’s bond can be paid at any time.  Contacting a bondsman is the responsibility of either the inmate or a family member.  CASH ONLY bonds can be paid directly to the jail without going through a bondsman.  Have EXACT AMOUNT OF CASH when bonding an inmate out of jail.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED.

For your convenience, the following bonding agents are approved to execute bonds with this facility:

Bob Neeley Bail Bonding                  513-310-6563

Barney’s Bail Bonding                       513-313-2955  or  800-490-1535

Freebird Bail Bonding                       812-413-3112

Gary Good                                          800-320-6928  or  812-537-4007

John Stewart                                      812-599-4098

Lady Liberty Bail Bonding                812-599-3722

Mark Sutter                                       812-273-5473  or  812-871-6868

Web Bail Bonding                            866-647-4447  or  812-537-4447

NOTE –  The Switzerland County Jail does not endorse any one bondsman over another.


You can contact the facility with any questions not covered in the information above the following two ways:

Immediate inquiries                                               Jail Phone Line (812) 427-2057

Email inquiries (no immediate response)              LuAnn Schaefer, Jail Commander