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Mission Statement


The members of the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with the citizens of Switzerland County, are dedicated to improving the quality of life by; protecting lives and property, upholding the Constitution of the United States, enforcing the laws of the State of Indiana and serving the needs of the citizens of Switzerland County.  We adhere to a philosophy that allows law enforcement and community residents to work together to prevent and solve crime.  This is our commitment to the citizens of Switzerland County.


Our vision is to become the most progressive and professional Sheriff’s Office in Southeastern Indiana.  This requires the dedication and devotion of each employee in adhering to the fundamental values that we deem essential in order to fulfill our mission.  We encourage community policing in each and every employee of the Sheriff’s Office.  This allows a cohesive strategy between our office and the citizens of Switzerland County in identifying, addressing and preventing problems in our community.  The following core values form the foundation upon which we intend to fulfill our mission.


Honesty – We will be honest in out interactions with the public.  We believe that honesty is the foundation for which we build trust in the community that we serve.

Integrity – We will maintain the highest degree of moral and ethical standards by conducting ourselves in a manner beyond reproach in both our professional and personal lives.

Professionalism – We will take pride in providing the highest of service by being cooperative, well trained, disciplined and dedicated to the principles of professional development.  To be fair, impartial and efficient as we strive to preserve the peace, order and safety of our community.

Teamwork – To join with the citizens of Switzerland County to identify and address community concerns.  This partnership allows our community to develop into a safer neighborhood.



Sheriff’s Code Of Ethics


As a constitutionally elected Sheriff, I recognize and accept that I am given a special trust and confidence by the citizens and employees whom I have been elected to serve, represent and manage. This trust and confidence is my bond to ensure that I shall behave and act according to the highest personal and professional standards. In furtherance of this pledge, I will abide by the following Code of Ethics.

I SHALL ENSURE that I and my employees, in the performance of our duties, will enforce and administer the law according to the standards of the U.S. Constitution and applicable State Constitutions and statutes so that equal protection of the law is guaranteed to everyone. To that end I shall not permit personal opinions, party affiliations, or consideration of the status of others to alter or lessen this standard of treatment of others.

I SHALL ESTABLISH, PROMULGATE AND ENFORCE a set of standards of behavior of my employees which will govern the overall management and operation of the law enforcement functions, court related activities, and corrections operations of my agency.

I SHALL NOT TOLERATE NOR CONDONE brutal or inhumane treatment of others by my employees nor shall I permit or condone inhumane or brutal treatment of inmates in my care and custody.

I STRICTLY ADHERE to standards of fairness and integrity in the conduct of campaigns for election and I shall conform to all applicable statutory standards of election financing and reporting so that the Office of the Sheriff is not harmed by the actions of myself or others.

I SHALL ROUTINELY CONDUCT or have conducted an internal and external audit of the public funds entrusted to my care and publish this information so that citizens can be informed about my stewardship of these funds.

I SHALL FOLLOW the accepted principles of efficient and effective administration and management as the principle criteria for my judgments and decisions in the allocation of resources and services in law enforcement, court related and corrections functions of my Office.

I SHALL HIRE AND PROMOTE only those employees or others who are the very best candidates for a position according to accepted standards of objectivity and merit. I shall not permit other factors to influence hiring or promotion practices.

I SHALL ENSURE that all employees are granted and receive relevant training supervision in the performance of their duties so that competent and excellent service is provided by the Office of the Sheriff.

I SHALL ENSURE that during my tenure as Sheriff, I shall not use the Office of Sheriff for private gain.

I ACCEPT AND WILL ADHERE TO THIS CODE OF ETHICS. In so doing, I also accept responsibility for encouraging others in my profession to abide by this Code.