Handgun Permits

gunThe Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office will accept applications for handgun permits to Switzerland county residents living outside of the incorporated limits of Vevay.  If you live inside the town limits of Vevay, you have to obtain your handgun permit from the Vevay Police Department.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday      8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Except on National Holidays) (Other hours may be scheduled if not available at times listed above)


4 year permit – $30.00 money order payable to State of Indiana AND $10.00 cash/check/money order payable to the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office. Lifetime Permit with current valid permit – $60.00 money order payable to the State of Indiana AND $40 cash/check/money order payable to the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office. Lifetime Permit without current valid permit – $75.00 money order payable to the State of Indiana AND $50.00 cash/check/money order payable to the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office.


  • Determine your eligibility. You are not eligible if you have been convicted of a felony, have had a previous gun permit suspended, are under the age of eighteen (18) years of age (under 23 years old if a delinquent as a child), have been arrested for a Class A or B felony, arrested for any felony involving violence or the use of a deadly weapon.


  • Determine where you should apply. You have the option of submitting your application on-line or submitting your application with your local law enforcement (e.g. Vevay resident – Vevay P.D.), if you live outside the city or town, you can submit your application to our office.

                           For on-line registration:                         

                          Electronic Firearms Permit  Form                         


  • Determine when you should apply. The schedule varies depending on where you are applying. Most police departments have specific days of the week and operating hours for handling applications.  The Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office is as follows:

      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:00  P.M. (except on National Holidays)

  • Cost of Application. Indiana collects two fees at the time of  application. One goes to the State’s General Fund and the other goes to the Sheriff’s Office fund for firearms and firearm training. If you live outside of the city limits you can pay by cash, check or money order, payable to the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office. Those who apply on-line must still visit the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office to pay the fees.


  • Reminder: Purchase a Cashier’s Check or Money Order for $75.00  ($60.00 if you have a current license) made payable to the State of Indiana.


  • Cash, Check or Money Order for $50.00 ($40.00 if you have a current license) made payable to your the Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office.


  • Get everything together. Be sure to bring your driver’s license or other form of State recognized photo ID, along with payment.


  • Apply. You finally have everything you need. Go to your desired location and fill out the official application. It will ask for your name, full address, length of residence in the community, whether your residence is located in a city or town, your occupation, place of business or employment, criminal record (if any), and convictions (minor traffic offenses excepted), age, race, sex, nationality, date of birth, citizenship, height, weight, build, color of hair, color of eyes, scars, marks and tattoos, whether you have previously held an Indiana license to carry (serial number and year issued, if so) whether your license has ever been suspended (year and reason, if so) and your reason for desiring a license.


  • Get processed. You’ll be finger printed. They usually have a place for you to wash your hands but it’s somewhat difficult to get the ink off.


  • Return time frame. It usually takes 4-8 weeks to process an application. With the increased demand due to the new lifetime licenses your request might take 12-14 weeks. If you are renewing a license they will staple your old license to your application.  If you keep them stapled and carry both then you may continue carrying a handgun until you receive your new license or your license is rejected.


  • Check your mailbox regularly. Eventually your license will arrive in the mail and you’ll finally have your permit, or your application will be rejected and a portion of your application fee will be returned.


  • Get it laminated. Take your new card and get it laminated.


  • Notify the State of changes. If you change your name, address or are convicted of something that might change your eligibility you must notify the superintendent, in writing, within 30 days. You can (but are not required to) purchase a new license after an address change for a fee of $20.00


  • Know the local laws. Code on Regulation of Handguns (IC 35-47-2). Click for Indiana Handgun Laws.


  • Carry responsibly.